Manchester United’s position on the football rich list continues to decline despite record club income, and the blame falls on Old Trafford

Introduction to the article:
The article discusses Manchester United’s drop in the latest Deloitte Football Money League and suggests that the club could top the money-making league if they had a better stadium. The potential impact of a revamped Old Trafford on the club’s revenue is highlighted, as well as the performance of other top football clubs in the financial rankings.

Manchester United’s Drop in the Money League

The article points out that despite a record income of £648m for the 2022-23 season, Manchester United fell to fifth place in the latest football rich list, trailing behind Manchester City’s £718.2m. This highlights the club’s potential to increase its revenue further, potentially overtaking its competition.

The Impact of Stadium Quality on Revenue

The article discusses the significant revenue generated by clubs with high-quality stadiums, such as Tottenham, who rake in £6m from every game at their 62,000-capacity home. The suggestion is made that if Manchester United had a similarly appealing matchday offering, it could potentially revolutionize the club’s revenue and outplay the rest of the competition.

Performance of Other Top Football Clubs

The article also touches upon the performance of other top football clubs in the financial rankings. It highlights Liverpool’s drop from third to seventh place, as well as the performance of Chelsea, Arsenal, Real Madrid, PSG, and Barcelona. This provides a broader context for Manchester United’s position in the money league.

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