Michail Antonio Reveals Kalvin Phillips’ West Ham Loan on Live Sky Sports, Fans Admit ‘Can’t Hate the Guy’

Introduction to the article:
The article discusses the reaction of Michail Antonio, West Ham forward, to the news of Kalvin Phillips’ impending move to West Ham. Phillips is set to join the Hammers on loan, with a potential permanent move in the summer. Antonio’s response to the transfer news and the reaction of fans and fellow pundits are highlighted in the article.

Antonio’s Poker Face

During his appearance as a pundit on Sky Sports, Michail Antonio was asked about Kalvin Phillips’ expected move to West Ham. His response, which included a wry smile and a denial of knowledge about the transfer, sparked laughter from fellow panellists and generated a humorous exchange.

Fans and Pundits React

Following Antonio’s reaction, fans and fellow pundits shared their thoughts online. Many enjoyed the exchange and praised Antonio’s response, with some humorously commenting on his inability to lie and his adherence to the script.

Kalvin Phillips’ Career Move

The article also discusses Phillips’ need to revive his Premier League career, as he has seen limited playing time at Manchester City. The midfielder’s impending move to West Ham is seen as an opportunity for him to regain regular playing time and secure his place in the England squad for Euro 2024.

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