Former Chelsea star Eden Hazard kicked the ball boy, and now I’m worth £40m at 27 and on Times Rich list

This article discusses the journey of Charlie Morgan, who made headlines in 2013 after being kicked by former Chelsea star Eden Hazard. The article highlights the incident, the pair’s recent reunion, and Morgan’s success in the business world with his vodka company, Au Vodka.

The Altercation

As a 17-year-old back in 2013, Charlie Morgan attempted to waste time during Swansea’s League Cup semi-final second leg against Chelsea by shielding the ball from Hazard, which led to a violent altercation and Hazard’s red card.

Reunion with Hazard

Eleven years after the infamous incident, Hazard and Charlie reunited, commemorating the occasion with a post on social media. The article emphasizes Hazard’s kind message to his “old friend.”

Success in Business

Charlie Morgan has made a name for himself outside of the incident with Hazard as he now owns a multi-million pound vodka company, Au Vodka, which has seen impressive sales and celebrity endorsements. The article goes into detail about the growth and success of his business endeavors.

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