Unusual Circumstances: Chelsea to face Aston Villa on Friday night despite FA Cup clash not being televised

Introduction to the article:
The Chelsea football club has a tight schedule, facing a quick turnaround after their Carabao Cup victory. Along with their upcoming match against Aston Villa, the team is dealing with a challenging fixture congestion and logistical issues due to other teams’ scheduling.

Limited Time for Recovery

Chelsea have to play two games in four days, leaving little time for recovery after their recent Carabao Cup heroics. The team is set to face Aston Villa in the FA Cup just three days after their victory against Middlesbrough.

Scheduling Conflicts

The scheduling conflicts affecting Chelsea’s fixtures are, in part, due to Fulham’s upcoming games. With safety concerns in mind, both clubs cannot play home matches on the same day. Fulham’s match against Everton has contributed to the rearrangement of Chelsea’s FA Cup clash.

Fans’ Reactions

The sudden schedule changes and lack of television coverage for the upcoming match have left fans frustrated and vocal about the situation. The decision to hold the game on a Friday night has drawn criticism and disappointment among supporters.

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