Which areas in Britain have the highest aversion to losing? Find out where your area ranks.

Introduction to the Article:
The article discusses the results of a poll that suggests the people of Newcastle, also known as Geordies, are the worst losers in the country. This reputation for being sore losers extends beyond just sports, as the poll also found that the people of the North East get upset if they don’t win at board games and other competitive activities. The article also highlights specific individuals, such as Geordie pop star Sting, who have admitted to being sore losers.

Geordies Crowned Worst Losers

The poll revealed that the people of Newcastle are considered the worst losers in the country, with 58 percent of respondents from the North East admitting to being bad losers. This reputation for being sore losers is not limited to just sports, as it extends to board games and other competitive activities.

Sting’s Admission

Even the famous Geordie pop star Sting, known for his hit “Can’t Stand Losing You,” has admitted to being a sore loser. His confession about losing at Scrabble to his son highlights the competitive nature of the people from Newcastle.

Survey Findings

The survey also found that other regions, such as the East of England, Scotland, and the West Midlands, also have a high percentage of bad losers, indicating that the issue of sore losing is not exclusive to Newcastle. The survey was commissioned by online shop OnBuy.com, which emphasized the healthy competition that games can bring, even if not everyone can be a winner.

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