Conti Cup: Tribunal to Investigate Allegations of Villa Women Fielding ‘Ineligible Player’

Introduction to the article:

The Football Association (FA) has referred Aston Villa’s position of an ineligible player in a Conti Cup match to an independent tribunal. This referral comes after the WSL club’s alleged breach of contest regulations, which has now been passed to Sports Resolutions UK for further investigation.

Aston Villa faces allegations

Aston Villa is under scrutiny after former Arsenal defender Noelle Maritz, who recently joined the club, was deployed as a substitute during their group stage clash with Sunderland in the Conti Cup. The substitution raises concerns due to Maritz having previously played for the North London side in another group stage fixture in the League Cup earlier this season.

FA investigation and tribunal referral

The FA’s written statement confirmed the investigation into the matter and revealed that it has been referred to Sports Resolutions UK for consideration by an independent tribunal. Additionally, it was stated that further updates on the matter will be communicated in due course.

Previous similar cases

The article mentions a similar case in 2014 where Reading was axed from the Women’s League Cup for including a player who had made appearances for another team earlier in the season. This serves as a reminder of the potential consequences that Aston Villa could face.

Implications for Villa and Sunderland

The outcome of the independent tribunal hearing will determine the next steps for Aston Villa and Sunderland. As it stands, Villa’s defeat of Sunderland has hypothetically secured their place in the Conti Cup’s quarter-finals, but that could be called into question depending on the tribunal’s decision. Likewise, Sunderland is awaiting a decision on whether they will be awarded a retrospective victory following Villa’s rule breach.

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