Xavi Hernandez says Robert Lewandowski lacks sharpness

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Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez is facing increasing pressure as the team’s results have not been going his way. In an effort to shake things up and improve the team’s performance, Xavi has made some significant changes to the lineup and playing time of certain players, including star striker Robert Lewandowski.

Xavi Shaking Up the Lineup

In an unexpected move, Xavi has given increased playing time to young players Pau Cubarsi and Lamine Yamal in the last two games due to injuries. This decision to introduce fresh talent to the lineup highlights Xavi’s determination to find a winning combination for the team.

Changes in Lewandowski’s Playing Time

Robert Lewandowski, who was previously playing every minute when fit, has seen a change in his playing time strategy. Xavi has decided to substitute Lewandowski, even when the team is in need of a goal, signaling a shift in his approach to the star striker’s role in the team.

Lewandowski’s Performance and Xavi’s Response

Xavi has addressed the recent criticism of Lewandowski’s performance. While acknowledging the striker’s importance and leadership on the team, Xavi has also highlighted areas for improvement in Lewandowski’s game. This indicates that Xavi is holding his players accountable for their performances, regardless of their reputation.

Xavi’s Job on the Line

Xavi’s decision to make significant changes to the team’s lineup and playing time may be a result of the mounting pressure on him as the team’s manager. With Barcelona’s season at stake, Xavi appears to be willing to make bold moves, even if that means risking the status of established players like Lewandowski.

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