Fans express anger at FFP following Leicester’s relegation: The Sun’s new football show, The Tap In, receives feedback from supporters

Introduction to the article:

In this episode of the Tap In, JAKE WATSON from The Big Strong Leicester Boys Podcast joins Will Pugh and Izzy Barker to discuss a range of topics, from Leicester’s Premier League triumph to the controversial issues surrounding Financial Fair Play. Jake shares his passionate perspective as a dedicated Leicester fan and provides insight into the current state of the club.

Leicester’s Dominance and Frustrations

Leicester’s remarkable rise to lifting the Premier League trophy in 2015-16 is a key topic of discussion in this episode. However, the conversation also delves into the frustration felt by fans like Jake, who express their discontent with the implications of Financial Fair Play and the relegation of their beloved team.

Enzo Maresca and Jamie Vardy

The conversation takes a positive turn as Jake embarks on an Enzo Maresca love-in and defends Jamie Vardy’s decision to stay at the club, despite criticism from some quarters. His unwavering support for the team and its key players is evident throughout the discussion.

The Perfect Delivery and Conclusion

As the episode draws to a close, Jake participates in The Perfect Delivery leaderboard challenge and tries to avoid ending up in the mid-table. The episode offers a comprehensive overview of Jake’s perspective as a Leicester fan, covering both the triumphs and challenges faced by the club.

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