Supporters all turn to ITV4 after discovering the host of Fulham vs Newcastle FA Cup game is not Luke Littler

Introduction to the Article:
The article discusses how popular darts sensation Luke Littler lost viewers to Laura Woods during her coverage of the FA Cup. Woods, a well-known presenter, took away Littler’s viewers during her coverage of the Fulham and Newcastle match.

Luke Littler Beats Luke Humphries

Teen revelation Littler, 17, defeated Luke Humphries 6-5 to reach the semi-finals of the Dutch Masters.

Darts Fans Switch to FA Cup Coverage

Darts fans preferred to watch Laura Woods’ coverage over Luke Littler during the Dutch Masters.

Woods’ Coverage of Fulham vs. Newcastle

Woods is covering the FA Cup clash between Fulham and Newcastle, taking away Littler’s viewers during the Dutch Masters.

Fans React to Woods’ Coverage

Many fans switched channels to watch Woods present the game, praising her as a decent presenter and expressing their excitement to watch the popular journalist on ITV4.

Fulham Fans’ Boycott

The article also mentions the Fulham fans’ planned boycott of the game against Newcastle due to high ticket prices, with some praising Woods for mentioning the boycott during the preview show.

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