Man Utd’s Marcus Rashford skips training after nightclub visit, could face consequences

Introduction to the article:
The article discusses Marcus Rashford’s disciplinary issues at Manchester United, as he missed training after being spotted partying in Belfast. This has caused further frustration for the team’s boss, Erik ten Hag, ahead of an important FA Cup match.

Rashford Misses Training

It is reported that Marcus Rashford told Erik ten Hag that he was too ill to train on Friday, despite being seen in a nightclub just hours earlier. This has raised concerns about the player’s commitment to the team.

Ten Hag’s Frustration

Erik ten Hag has expressed his frustration with Rashford’s repeated partying incidents, especially as the team had just returned from a week off. The coach has made it clear that this behavior is unacceptable and has previously dropped Rashford from the starting line-up for disciplinary reasons.

Pressure on Ten Hag

The article also highlights the pressure on Erik ten Hag, as he is under scrutiny to secure a place in the United revolution. With just one season left on his contract, the coach has emphasized the need for improvement and a winning mentality at the club.

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