Manchester United states that Marcus Rashford ‘has accepted responsibility’ for missing training due to illness after partying

Introduction to the article
Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford has come under fire for missing training and partying in Belfast. The 26-year-old has apologized and taken responsibility for his actions, and the club has stated that the matter has been dealt with internally.

Rashford Takes Responsibility

The club revealed that Marcus Rashford has acknowledged and taken responsibility for his actions. Despite facing a potential fine, the club has announced that the disciplinary matter is now considered closed.

Apology and Internal Matters

Manchester United boss, Erik ten Hag, has confirmed that he had a conversation with Rashford about his actions. He has described the behavior as unacceptable, but stated that Rashford has apologized and is motivated to rectify the situation. Ten Hag emphasized that it is an internal matter and that Rashford is committed to the club and the team.

Missed Training and Previous Incidents

Rashford had missed training, citing illness, and was absent from a recent match. His trip to Ireland and subsequent nights out have come under scrutiny, especially after previous incidents of tardiness and clubbing. The player had previously been dropped from the team for similar behavior.

Disappointment and Consequences

There is reportedly a feeling of disappointment within the club over Rashford’s actions. The manager is said to feel let down, and the player’s behavior has drawn criticism from the club’s management. The 26-year-old could potentially face a fine as a result of his actions.

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