Referee allegedly admits Rodrygo Goes should have received a red card for Real Madrid, CTA denies claim

Introduction to the article:
The latest episode of refereeing controversy involving Real Madrid has sparked outrage among fans of Las Palmas. Footage has emerged showing referee Cesar Soto Grado allegedly discussing a decision with Real Madrid players, leading to a denial from the Technical Committee for Referees.

Controversy Unfolds

Real Madrid’s clash against Las Palmas saw Rodrygo hit out at goalkeeper Alvaro Valles, resulting in a yellow card for the former and an escape for Dani Ceballos without VAR intervention. DAZN has released footage from the tunnel where Soto Grado allegedly tells the Real Madrid players that Rodrygo should have been sent off.

Referee’s Committee Denial

The Technical Committee for Referees has since denied the version presented in the footage, releasing a statement to clarify the conversation. They have invited both clubs’ players present in the conversation to confirm the correct version and have expressed regret at the attempt to put the refereeing establishment in the crosshairs.

Amidst Further Controversy

This episode adds to the controversy surrounding Real Madrid, following their controversial win against Almeria and the ongoing Negreira Case involving Barcelona.

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