Eni Aluko seeks legal advice after feeling genuinely scared by Joey Barton’s ‘extremely violent’ rant, says ITV pundit

Introduction to the article:
This article discusses the controversial statements and behavior of former footballer Joey Barton regarding women’s involvement and commentary in the men’s football game.

Barton’s Initial Controversial Statements

Joey Barton started a controversy by tweeting that women shouldn’t have any authority to speak about men’s football, contrasting it to a different game. He also likened women commentating on men’s football to him talking about knitting or netball.

Barton’s Defense and Taunt

Following his initial comments, Barton defended his stance on a televised show and called out former England and Arsenal footballer Alex Scott. He also challenged Bianca Westwood and Laura Woods to a debate.

Further Tweets and Rants

Joey Barton continued his tirade on social media, tweeting about the differences between men’s and women’s football games and criticizing top male players and ex-players for not agreeing with his views. He also took aim at various sports-related issues.

Allegations Against Women Pundits

In the further course of his social media rant, Barton made several sexist comments about women pundits, alleging their use of “pillow talk” and their sexuality to gain an advantage in their careers.

Barton’s Response to Criticism

When criticized by women pundits such as Eni Aluko, Joey Barton intensified his attacks by targeting their credibility, knowledge, and endurance in the realm of men’s football, leading to online abuse and fear for safety.

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