Annie Kilner’s sister condemns Lauryn Goodman as “cruel and malicious” after she gives birth to second child with Kyle Walker from an affair

Introduction to the article
The article features the latest updates on the ongoing controversy surrounding Lauryn Goodman and Kyle Walker, and the impact it has caused on Walker’s family. This includes the public dispute between Lauryn and Annie Kilner, Walker’s wife, as well as Kyle Walker’s statements in response to the situation.

Family’s Emotional Pain Revealed

Kyle Walker expressed the pain of losing his family in a candid interview. This interview came after the football star opened up about the pain he had endured after fathering a second child with model Lauryn, resulting in a public apology.

Sian Kilner’s Rebuke

Sian Kilner, Annie Kilner’s sister, took to social media to condemn Lauryn for causing emotional torment to her family. She expressed anger towards Lauryn’s recent claims and stated that there was a lack of empathy on her part.

Kyle Walker’s Defense

Kyle Walker, in an interview with The Sun, strongly refuted Lauryn’s claims of an intimate relationship and clarified that there was never a relationship that extended beyond friendship. He emphasized the absence of a real relationship and reaffirmed his commitment to his family.

Kyle’s Nearly Escape to Munich

Walker mentioned that he almost moved to Germany to escape from media scrutiny and the ongoing controversy. He explained that the move was an attempt to distance himself from the situation and prevent further emotional distress.

Lauryn’s Response to Walker’s Claims

Lauryn countered Walker’s statements by accusing him of delusion and refuted his version of the relationship. She expressed disappointment with Walker’s portrayal of events and brought into question his financial influence and PR strategy in shaping the narrative.

Ongoing Family Dynamics

Annie Kilner, who is currently pregnant with her fourth child, continues to navigate the emotional turmoil stemming from the controversial situation involving Walker and Lauryn. Walker has vowed only to maintain financial responsibilities and has pledged no further contact with Lauryn.

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