Concerns Over Marcus Rashford’s ‘Party’ Lifestyle Raised by Man Utd Staff as Early as 2021 – Rooney Reaches Out to Former Teammate

The article discusses concerns about Manchester United player Marcus Rashford’s behavior and lifestyle, with insiders alleging that his partying habits were causing problems both on and off the pitch. The piece also delves into the involvement of former teammates such as Wayne Rooney, David Beckham, and Rio Ferdinand in reaching out to Rashford to offer support.

Concerns About Behavior

The article reveals that worries about Rashford’s behavior were raised as early as autumn 2021, with reports of rowdy house parties and boozy nights out causing alarm among Old Trafford staff. Additionally, there are claims of an incident where Rashford confronted a fan at Old Trafford, adding to concerns about his conduct.

Support from Former Teammates

Former Manchester United players, including Wayne Rooney, reached out to Rashford to offer support amid concerns about his lifestyle. The article also highlights a phone call from Rooney to Rashford, where Rooney provided words of encouragement and reassurance.

Impact on Performance

The article explores how Rashford’s love of nightlife, including visits to casinos, has sparked worries about its potential impact on his performance on the pitch. His turbulent personal life, including a breakup with his childhood sweetheart and family-related stress, adds layers to his struggles.

Call for Support

Insiders suggest that Rashford is in need of support from those around him, emphasizing the importance of stepping up to help him rather than expecting him to shoulder the burden alone. The article concludes with a call for support for the young footballer as he navigates the challenges he is facing.

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