Newcastle fans notice Bruno Guimaraes in ‘best transfer deal of the window’ swapping shirts with a star player

Introduction to the article
The article discusses how Bruno Guimaraes swapped his shirt for some Kinder Buenos after Newcastle’s victory over Aston Villa. The Brazilian midfielder delighted fans by accepting the sweet treats in exchange for his shirt, a move that went viral on social media.

Bruno Guimaraes’ Sweet Treat

After the match, a fan offered the Brazilian midfielder some Kinder Buenos, which he happily accepted in exchange for his shirt. This heartwarming interaction delighted fans and quickly gained attention on social media.

Fan Reactions

The viral clip of Guimaraes exchanging his shirt for Kinder Buenos sparked a wave of positive reactions from fans, with many praising the midfielder for his fun and lighthearted gesture. The exchange also led to fans joking about Guimaraes being a “man of culture” and a “converted Geordie man.”

Guimaraes’ Love for Sweets

The article also reveals that Guimaraes has a love for sweet treats. In an interview, he admitted to having a weakness for chocolate and revealed that his favorite treat is a Kinder Egg with a toy inside. This insight into Guimaraes’ personal life adds a lighthearted and relatable touch to the story.

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