From Pro Football Star to Lawyer: Why I Chose a New Path

Introduction to the article: This article discusses the story of Scott Stevenson, a former professional football player who made the decision to give up his career in football to become a lawyer.

A Career Change

Scott Stevenson was a junior player for St Johnstone when the team won the Scottish Cup in 2014. Despite the team’s success and qualification for the Europa League, Stevenson made the decision to transition into a different career path, ultimately pursuing his legal profession.

Words of Advice

Following his career change, Scott Stevenson has been vocal about the importance of young players having a plan-B career in case their football aspirations do not materialize. He stresses the significance of carefully considering the terms and conditions of professional contracts, advocating for a balance between pursuing their football dreams and securing their long-term prospects.

Scott’s Story

The article also mentions Scott’s personal experiences playing part-time with several clubs while pursuing his legal career, offering readers insight into his journey and the decisions he made during this transitional period. His story sheds light on the challenges and considerations that young footballers may face when contemplating career changes.

Ahmed Asmar

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