Contingency plans needed as Euro 2028 organisers worry abandoned stadium may not be salvaged in time

Introduction to the Article
The organizers of Euro 2028 are facing challenges as they work to ensure that all stadiums for the tournament will be ready in time. A particular concern is the status of Belfast’s Casement Park, which was chosen to host matches but has yet to undergo the necessary redevelopment. This has sparked contingency plans and drawn criticism from some local fans and politicians.

Delayed Redevelopment

Casement Park, a former Gaelic football stadium in Belfast, has been empty since 2013 and was granted planning permission for redevelopment in 2021. The costs of the project have continued to increase, raising concerns about its readiness for the Euro 2028 tournament. Despite the proposed 34,500-seater stadium, work has yet to commence, prompting Euro 2028 organizers to seek alternative options.

Opposition and Controversy

The decision to use Casement Park as a host stadium for Euro 2028 has faced opposition from local fans and politicians. Some have expressed concerns about the potential legacy for football in Northern Ireland, while others question the benefits of investing in a stadium primarily for Gaelic football. This has led to a divide in opinions, with discussions about the long-term implications beyond the tournament.

Commitment to Northern Ireland

Amidst the controversy, there remains a commitment to involve Northern Ireland in the Euro 2028 tournament. Efforts are being made to ensure that the region continues to play a role, including the possibility of hosting pre-tournament friendlies and even the draw for the tournament in Belfast. Despite the disparities in views, there is recognition of the opportunity to showcase Northern Ireland on the global stage.

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