Barcelona sources refute claims that German coach is being considered to replace Xavi Hernandez

Introduction to this article

Barcelona’s search for a new head coach has been the subject of much speculation since Xavi Hernandez announced his impending departure. With the club in a precarious position, it is crucial that they make the right choice in selecting a successor.

The Search for Xavi’s Replacement

Since Xavi’s announcement, there have been numerous reports regarding potential successors for the Barcelona head coaching position. Despite still having four months left in the season, speculation has been rife about meetings with potential candidates.

Reports of Contact with Hansi Flick

Christian Falk reported that Barcelona President Joan Laporta had instructed the Sporting Director to notify Hansi Flick of his inclusion on the shortlist for the head coaching position. However, Barcelona sources have denied these claims, stating that no contact has been made with Flick or anyone else at the club.

The Importance of Getting it Right

With Barcelona at a crucial juncture, the decision regarding Xavi’s successor is one that cannot be taken lightly. The club’s future success hinges on making the right decision, as the wrong choice could potentially undo the progress made under Xavi’s leadership.

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