What is the least amount of money spent during the January transfer window?

Introduction to the article
The January transfer window in 2024 has seen a significant decrease in spending by England’s top clubs, with only around £55 million being spent on the morning of deadline day. This is in stark contrast to the record-breaking £815 million spent in 2023. This article will explore the reasons behind this drop in expenditure and the impact it has had on the transfer market.

The lowest amount spent in the January transfer window

Since the introduction of the January transfer window in 2003, the lowest amount spent by Premier League clubs stands at £34.8m during the 2009/10 campaign. The second lowest was during the 2002/03 season with a total of £45.9m being spent. However, the 2024 transfer window ranks 20th out of 22 in terms of expenditure, with English top-flight clubs spending only approximately £55m.

Why are teams not spending much this year?

Teams are reportedly having difficulties spending this year due to increased awareness and caution regarding Financial Fair Play (FFP). Everton has recently breached FFP rules and received a 10-point deduction, highlighting the consequences of overspending. The concept of FFP was originally introduced by Uefa in 2009 to prevent clubs from spending beyond their means, and the Premier League has adopted its own regulations, impacting club spending.

The biggest deals of the 2024 January transfer window

Despite the overall decrease in spending, some clubs have made significant signings during the January transfer window. Tottenham has been the most active, spending £26.7m on ex-Genoa defender Radu Dragusin and recruiting former Chelsea star Timo Werner on loan. Manchester City also made a notable signing, splashing £12.5m on Argentine midfielder Claudio Echeverri, and Aston Villa bought Kosta Nedeljkovic from Red Star Belgrade for £7.8m.

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