Unexpected A-List Celebrities Who Own Football Clubs, From Oscar Winners to Little Mix Singer: Forget Ryan Reynolds

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High-profile celebrities are increasingly investing in football clubs around the world. Those investing in the beautiful game include musicians, actors, and entertainers, who are using their fortunes to boost local teams. This investment sometimes leads to sponsorships, TV shows, and opportunities to make a difference in their community. Here are several examples of famous faces taking the leap into the football industry.

[“Jade Thirlwall – South Shields FC”]

Jade Thirlwall, a member of the popular British girl group Little Mix has not only invested in South Shields FC but has also dedicated her time and resources to help the team and community.

[“Stormzy – Croydon Athletic”]

Rapper Stormzy was part of a consortium that purchased Croydon Athletic. This investment is a way to give back to his hometown.

[“Natalie Portman – Angel City FC”]

Natalie Portman, a Hollywood actress, has co-founded Angel City FC, the first professional women’s team in Los Angeles.

[“Michael B Jordan – AFC Bournemouth”]

Actor Michael B Jordan invested in AFC Bournemouth and has expressed his excitement for becoming part of the team and the broader community.

[“Eva Longoria – Necaxa”]

Eva Longoria, along with a group of investors, including fellow celebrities, made a historic investment in Mexican team Necaxa, enhancing the sports industry in Mexico and marking a turning point for the club.

[“Will Ferrell – Los Angeles FC”]

Comedy legend Will Ferrell is also part owner of Los Angeles FC, showing that the trend of celebrity investment crosses into the world of professional soccer in America.

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