Barcelona Fans Push for Permission to Bring Laptops to Games

Introduction to this article: Barcelona Fans Unhappy with Club’s Handling of Montjuic Stadium

Widespread discontent over ticket prices

Barcelona fans have been voicing their dissatisfaction with the club’s decision to increase ticket prices for matches held at Montjuic while Camp Nou is under renovation. Despite later lowering the prices, the club has seen a significant drop in the number of season-ticket holders for this year.

Fans turn away from the stadium

Following Xavi Hernandez’s resignation, President Joan Laporta urged fans to continue attending matches. However, a recent game against Osasuna saw only 38,000 fans in attendance, with many supporters visibly unhappy with the club. Some fans even turned back and left the stadium upon arrival.

Complaints about stadium protocols

Prior to the game, Barcelona released a statement about stadium protocols, including the absence of lockers for fans to store their belongings and a ban on bringing laptops into the venue. With midweek games scheduled for early evening, many fans were unable to comply with these rules due to coming directly from work. This has led to a decrease in attendance for such matches.

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