John Terry Explains His Daily Routine of Turning Off Plug Sockets at Chelsea Training Ground, as Fans Praise His Understanding

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Chelsea legend John Terry has revealed an unusual habit he has at the club’s training ground, involving his aversion to the color red.

Terry’s Unique Habit at Chelsea’s Training Ground

In a recent Instagram post, John Terry shared an unusual chore he completes at Chelsea’s training ground to avoid seeing the color red. He revealed that he turns off plug sockets around the complex to eliminate any red, which he has a strong aversion to.

Fans’ Reactions

The post has garnered a positive reaction from Chelsea fans, with many expressing their admiration for Terry’s dedication and mentality. They have praised him as one of the club’s greatest players and applauded his elite mentality.

Terry’s Legacy at Chelsea

As a Chelsea first-team player for 19 years, John Terry had a highly successful career, earning numerous titles and accolades. His contributions to the club have solidified his status as a legendary figure in Chelsea’s history.

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