Report: Real Madrid to Offer €60m Signing Bonus and Lucrative Image Rights Deal to PSG Star Kylian Mbappe

Real Madrid’s Offer to Kylian Mbappe

In the midst of ongoing speculation about Kylian Mbappe’s future, Real Madrid’s pursuit of the French forward has continued to dominate headlines. As the 25-year-old approaches the end of his contract with Paris Saint-Germain, reports suggest that Real Madrid is positioning themselves as the frontrunners in the race to secure Mbappe’s services. Recent developments have shed light on the details of the offer being put forward by the Spanish giants, adding a new dimension to the saga.

Real Madrid’s Bid Revealed

According to reports from Cadena Cope, Real Madrid’s offer to Mbappe is set to feature a base salary of around €15 million per annum, a figure significantly lower than his current deal with PSG. However, the offer will be supplemented by a substantial €60 million signing bonus, representing a clear display of their determination to acquire the talented forward. Furthermore, the club is willing to compromise on the allocation of image rights, with reports indicating that Mbappe could receive up to 60% of these rights as part of the deal.

Image Rights Dynamics

The issue of image rights has emerged as a pivotal factor in the negotiations between Mbappe and Real Madrid. With image rights representing a lucrative asset for both the player and the club, the willingness of Real Madrid to cede ground on this front reflects their eagerness to meet Mbappe’s demands. This development carries echoes of previous discussions surrounding Mbappe’s image rights, with the player displaying a clear commitment to challenging traditional norms and reshaping the dynamics of image rights in football.

A Departure from Tradition

Real Madrid’s willingness to accommodate Mbappe’s desires for a more equitable distribution of image rights marks a departure from the club’s customary practices. Traditionally, the club has been known to retain a significant portion of players’ image rights for commercial and branding purposes. However, their reported willingness to reconsider this approach demonstrates the extent of their determination to secure Mbappe’s signature and reflects a broader shift in the landscape of football negotiations.

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