Xavi Hernandez expresses frustration with Spanish press once more: “True football enthusiasts appreciate our efforts”

Introduction to the article:
The article discusses the frustration expressed by Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez towards the Spanish press and the environment surrounding the club. Xavi has claimed that his work is not valued by the Spanish press and that the analysis of Barcelona in Spain is not reflective of the reality he sees.

Xavi’s Frustration with the Press

Xavi Hernandez has expressed frustration with the Spanish press, stating that it is just the Spanish press that do not value his work at the club. He has also claimed that it is ‘impossible to enjoy the job’ and that the Barcelona job simply wasn’t worth it.

Value of Work Outside of Spain

Xavi has pointed out that outside of Spain, their work is valued a lot, and that many football people, including successful managers such as Imanol, Marcelino, and Arrasate, have congratulated them on their work. He emphasizes that real football people value their work.

Reasons for Xavi’s Exit

Xavi has cited his frustration and lack of enjoyment as key reasons for his departure from Barcelona, in addition to the team not meeting expectations on the pitch. He has also called for reflection from Barcelona and the press on the treatment of successful managers at the club.

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