“Tottenham star Cristian Romero insists that despite perceptions, he respects all his opponents on the field” – The Sun

Cristian Romero: I’m Not Nasty, Aggressive Tackling is Just My Style

Romero’s Defense of His Playing Style

Cristian Romero, the Argentine center-back for Tottenham, has responded to claims that he is a nasty player, asserting that his aggressive tackling and no-nonsense defending is just his “style of play.” Despite being sent off during a match against Stamford Bridge in October, Romero insists that he respects every opponent he faces and only engages in on-field confrontations which are forgotten post-match.

Recognition for Ange Postecoglou

Romero credits Ange Postecoglou with turning around the club’s fortunes after unhappy periods under previous managers. He acknowledges the importance of the new manager and the addition of the right players to the squad in revitalizing Tottenham and leading them to their current position in the Premier League.

Rising to the Challenge

While acknowledging that Tottenham is not yet ready to compete with the likes of Manchester City and Liverpool for the Premier League title, Romero expresses optimism about the club’s potential under the current management. He emphasizes the need for time and patience to continue improving and to eventually challenge the top teams in the league.

Micky Van de Ven’s Impact

Romero praises his defensive partner, Micky Van de Ven, as one of the best central defenders in the Premier League, despite not receiving the same level of recognition as others. He expresses his happiness for Van de Ven’s success and predicts a great future for the young player.

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