Carlo Ancelotti criticizes Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez for unprofessional handling of Real Madrid complaints

Introduction to this Article
Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez criticized Real Madrid’s apparent pressurizing of referees using the Real Madrid TV channel. This led to a response from Real Madrid head coach Carlo Ancelotti, who refused to comment but appeared to aim a thinly-veiled dig at Xavi.

Xavi Hernandez’s Criticism of Real Madrid

Xavi Hernandez, during his press conference, expressed his disapproval of Real Madrid’s alleged influence on referees’ performances using their TV channel. He cited the recent controversial clash with Almeria as an example of this tactic.

Carlo Ancelotti’s Response

Carlo Ancelotti, in response to Xavi’s criticism, refrained from commenting directly on the matter but subtly criticized it, claiming it was unprofessional and disrespectful to Spanish football to engage in such discussions.

Ancelotti on Real Madrid’s Goalkeeping Situation

Looking ahead to the match against Atletico Madrid, Ancelotti addressed the goalkeeping situation at Real Madrid. He discussed the performance of Andriy Lunin and hinted at the possibility of retaining his place, keeping the opposition in suspense.

Real Madrid’s Challenge Against Atletico Madrid

Ancelotti emphasized the significance of getting the goalkeeper selection right for the upcoming match against Atletico Madrid. This match is poised to be a significant test for Real Madrid, making the keeper’s selection critical.

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