Chelsea’s Moises Caicedo and Enzo Fernandez receive disgusting abuse on Twitter following Liverpool loss, prompting them to delete their accounts.

Introduction to the article
Chelsea duo Moises Caicedo and Enzo Fernandez have both deleted their Twitter accounts following abuse they received after their team’s defeat to Liverpool. The players were targeted by their own fan base, prompting them to take the measure of removing their accounts from the app.

Abuse on Social Media

Following the 4-1 defeat to Liverpool, Chelsea players received disgusting abuse from accounts on X, formerly known as Twitter, prompting Caicedo and Fernandez to deactivate their profiles. The abuse was so severe that the players felt compelled to remove their accounts from the social media platform.

Fan Reactions

Fans reacted to the news of the players deactivating their profiles, with some expressing sadness and understanding, while others condemned the cruel behavior of some members of the fan base. This included a realization of the difference between criticism and hate, as well as concern for the level that the abuse had reached.

Chelsea’s Performance and Upcoming Matches

The article also mentions Chelsea’s current position in the Premier League table and their upcoming matches. The team is currently in 10th place and faces a 13-point gap from the top four. Their next matches include a game against Wolves and an FA Cup fourth-round replay against Aston Villa.

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