Birmingham athlete identifies fan who allegedly racially abused him as police investigate one week after incident

The article discusses the investigation following claims made by Juninho Bacuna of Birmingham City that he was racially abused by a fan during their 1-0 defeat to West Brom. The incident, which was caught on video, is being looked into by West Midlands Police, as well as both clubs involved. The incident has sparked a strong reaction from club managers and a commitment to ensure that those found guilty of racism face severe consequences.

Bacuna’s Allegations and Response

The article details how Bacuna reported the incident to the fourth official during the game and continued playing after making them aware of the situation. It also mentions that this is not the first time Bacuna has made a similar complaint, having reported similar abuse during a previous match against Huddersfield. The response to his complaint and the investigation being carried out by the police are also discussed.

Club and Authority Responses

The statements released by both West Midlands Police and the clubs involved are examined in this section. The police have stated their intent to use CCTV footage to identify the perpetrator and provide support to the player, emphasizing a zero-tolerance policy towards racist abuse. The managers and clubs have also spoken out, with strong statements being made regarding their commitment to investigating and punishing anyone found guilty of such behavior.

Related Incidents at West Brom

The article goes on to discuss other recent incidents at West Brom, including violence and crowd trouble during a recent game against Wolves. This second serious incident at the Hawthorns has further heightened concerns about fan behavior and safety at the stadium.

Overall, the article provides a thorough analysis of the investigation into the alleged racial abuse against Juninho Bacuna, the response from the clubs and authorities, and the broader context of safety concerns at West Brom.

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