Relegated clubs earned more prize money than Leicester for winning the title in the Premier League last season

Introduction to the article:
The Premier League prize money distribution has been a topic of discussion, with surprising revelations about team earnings. Despite Southampton’s relegation last season, they earned more in prize money than Leicester City, the title-winning team of 2015-16.

Southampton Earns More in Prize Money Than Leicester City

Southampton’s relegation on just 25 points did not stop them from pocketing £103.6 million in prize money, marking the smallest tally in the Premier League last season. This unexpected amount was actually more than what Leicester City earned for winning the league seven-and-a-half years ago.

Variances and Reasons for Prize Money Distribution

Analyzing the distribution of prize money, it was found that Manchester City and Arsenal earned significantly more than other teams at the top of the league, demonstrating the disparities in earnings. The differences in prize money were influenced by factors such as the number of televised matches, with Arsenal receiving more than Leicester City, even though they were runners-up.

Impact on Club Earnings

The prize money discrepancies were further highlighted by the earnings of other Premier League teams. For example, Tottenham earned more than Brighton and Aston Villa, while Chelsea received more than Crystal Palace. Additionally, revenue was not always directly correlated with league position, as Everton earned more than Bournemouth and Nottingham Forest, even though they finished lower in the table.

Influences on Prize Money

The staggering revenue from the Premier League’s TV rights deal from 2022 to 2025 significantly impacted the prize money distribution, leading to an increase in earnings for the champions. The report also highlighted the additional value that each place up the table holds for clubs, with every position being worth an extra £3.1 million.


The analysis of Premier League prize money distribution shed light on the significant disparities in earnings and the various factors that contribute to these differences. From the impact of TV rights deals to the value of each position in the league, the distribution of prize money has far-reaching implications for the financial success of Premier League clubs.

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