Controversial Photo Provides Evidence for Barcelona’s Red Card Appeal for Vitor Roque

Introduction to the Article:
This article discusses Barcelona’s plan to appeal Vitor Roque’s red card in La Liga and the events that have unfolded following the controversial decision.

Barcelona’s Immediate Appeal

Barcelona is preparing to launch an immediate appeal against Vitor Roque’s red card after the Brazilian teenager was controversially sent off just 13 minutes after coming off the bench to score the winning goal against Alaves.

Strengthening the Case

New evidence has emerged to support Barcelona’s case, with images of the injury suffered by Alaves’ Rafa Marin following a challenge by Vitor Roque being posted on social media. The images show a cut leg, but discrepancies have arisen regarding the authenticity of the injury.

Social Media Response

Rafa Marin has responded to the controversy on social media, posting a picture of his own leg to indicate a minor injury and addressing Barcelona fans’ accusations. The response comes after claims that the initial image was actually of Marin’s teammate Alex Sola, based on a tattoo.

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