‘Fishing trip turns into a nightmare for Prem legend Jimmy Bullard and friends’

Introduction to the article:
The article discusses a hilarious story from former footballer Jimmy Bullard, revealing a fishing trip gone wrong that resulted in his friend’s van being covered in maggots.

A Disastrous Fishing Trip

The former footballer, Jimmy Bullard, shared a story about a fishing trip that turned into a disaster. He recounted how a mistake while putting away fishing gear led to the van being infested with maggots.

Ruining His Friend’s Van

Bullard described the aftermath of the mistake, with thousands of maggots hatching in the van due to the hot weather. The van was left swarmed with flies, making it unusable for a year.

Bullard’s Football Career

The article also touches upon Bullard’s successful football career, during which he played for Wigan, Fulham, and Hull in the Premier League. After retiring from football, he transitioned to become a popular football presenter.

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