Former Premier League Star, Now 37, Joins Gary Neville’s Team after Dramatic Diet Change

Adrian Mariappa, a 37-year-old centre-back, is defying the odds and still playing professional football in League Two. Surprisingly, he attributes his longevity and ability to play deep into his thirties to his vegan diet. In an interview with The Mirror, Mariappa credits his vegan lifestyle of nearly seven years for alleviating his tendonitis and keeping him injury-free.

Mariappa Credits Vegan Diet for Longevity

Mariappa explains that his switch to a vegan diet led to the clearance of his tendonitis, which he no longer suffers from. Despite adopting a completely plant-based diet, Mariappa claims to have missed only three matches due to injury since making the change.

Thriving on a Plant-Based Lifestyle

The footballer dismisses the common misconception that going vegan would negatively impact his athletic performance, and he emphasizes that he has been thriving on a vegan lifestyle. Mariappa asserts that he is still able to perform at a high level, running more than ever in his career, and achieving impressive top speeds on the pitch.

Evolving Society and Acceptance of Diets

Reflecting on the increased variety and availability of vegan food, Mariappa highlights the more open-minded shift in society towards different diets. He also emphasizes that football clubs are accommodating of players’ dietary preferences in order to maximize their performance and well-being. Despite initial banter about his vegan diet from his teammates, Mariappa has found that many are now interested in and open to trying plant-based meals.

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