Analyzing the Stats: Robert Lewandowski’s Enhanced Performance for Barcelona in 2024

Introduction to the article:
The article discusses the struggles and improvements of Robert Lewandowski’s performance at Barcelona throughout the season.

Lewandowski’s Difficult Season

The article starts by acknowledging that Lewandowski has been having a tough season at Barcelona and that many supporters have called for him to be dropped by head coach Xavi Hernandez due to his inconsistent form. Despite his stature and quality, he only managed to score nine goals in the first half of the season, which was disappointing.

Improvement in Performance

However, the article highlights that Lewandowski’s numbers and performances have improved in 2024, particularly in a recent game against Alaves where he scored the opening goal in a 3-1 win for Barcelona. Since the start of January, he has scored five goals in 10 matches across all competitions, signaling an increase in performance.

Influence of Vitor Roque’s Arrival

The article suggests that Lewandowski’s improvement in performance could be attributed to the arrival of Vitor Roque, a Brazilian teenager expected to push him for a starting spot in the team over the next few months. This competition for a starting position may be driving Lewandowski to perform better.

Hopes for the Future

In conclusion, the article points out that Barcelona will be hoping for Lewandowski to continue raising his level in the coming weeks. If he can maintain and further improve his performance, the team has a good chance of staying in the La Liga title race and achieving success in the Champions League.

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