Referee is forced to push away angry Mali players after dramatic Afcon loss

Introduction to the article
The Afcon quarter-final match between Mali and Ivory Coast ended in a shocking and chaotic manner, as players from Mali had to be held back from the referee following their belief that more time should have been played after an intense battle on the field.

Furious Exchange

As the referee, Adel Elsaid, blew the final whistle, chaos erupted on the field as Mali players were convinced that stoppages in extra time meant more minutes should have been added to the game. The intense exchanges between the players and the referee led to a tempestuous finale to an already fiery match.

Aggrieved Mali Players

The frustration and anger of the Mali players were evident as they vented their emotions at the final whistle, feeling aggrieved by the way the match had ended. Mali skipper Hamari Traore even appeared to make contact with the referee, leading to him being shoved away and given a straight red card.

Dramatic Match

The match itself had been a dramatic affair, with both sides having a player sent off before Ivory Coast secured a last-gasp equalizer to take the game into extra time. The intensity of the game reached its peak when Oumar Diakite’s 122nd-minute winner for Ivory Coast sparked heated exchanges and controversies.

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