Real Madrid’s Brahim Diaz scores a close-range finish to give his team a dream start against Atletico Madrid: WATCH

Introduction to the article:
Real Madrid faced a challenging lead-up to the Madrid derby due to injuries to key players, but they managed to take an early lead against Atletico Madrid.

Real Madrid take the lead despite injuries

Despite the loss of Antonio Rudiger and Vinicius Junior to injury, Real Madrid managed to take the lead early on in the Madrid derby. Vinicius was ruled out in the warm-up, and Brahim Diaz replaced him in the starting line-up. Diaz capitalized on this opportunity, scoring a goal from close range to put Real Madrid ahead.

Brahim Diaz shines as a replacement

Replacing the injured Vinicius Junior in the starting line-up, Brahim Diaz seized the opportunity to make an impact. His goal early in the match showcased his ability to step up when called upon, proving himself to be a valuable asset to the team.

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