Premier League footballers’ commonly used phrase labeled as ‘biggest load of bulls***’ by Micah Richards

In this article, Micah Richards, a former Premier League footballer, criticizes a commonly used phrase in top-flight football. He dismisses the phrase “one game at a time” as being meaningless and asserts that everything in football is meticulously planned out in advance. Richards expresses his views on this matter during an episode of The Rest Is Football podcast, where he engages in a discussion with Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer.

Micah Richards’ Critique of the Phrase

Richards describes the phrase “one game at a time” as the “biggest load of bulls***” uttered by footballers as they battle for top-flight survival. He asserts that every detail in football is meticulously planned out well in advance.

Richards’ Detailed Planning Approach

Richards emphasizes that in football, there is comprehensive planning regarding player fitness, fixture scheduling, and strategies for securing points. He opposes the notion of simply focusing on one game at a time, suggesting that the approach is more holistic and forward-thinking.

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