Barcelona’s Sporting Director Deco provides update on Xavi replacement, addresses comments from Jurgen Klopp and Thiago Motta

Introduction to this article:
Barcelona Sporting Director Deco expressed surprise at Xavi Hernandez’s resignation and discussed the club’s plans for the future regarding a successor to Xavi as the Blaugrana coach.

Surprise at Xavi’s Resignation

Deco admits that he did not expect Xavi Hernandez’s resignation, especially since the club had been planning for future signings and had renewed Xavi’s contract for the upcoming season.

Speculations and New Coach Prerequisites

Deco revealed that the club had originally wanted Xavi to stay for another two years, but Xavi himself had expressed doubts about continuing if he did not achieve success. Deco also discussed the necessary profile for the incoming coach, emphasizing the importance of playing good football and having a hunger for success.

Talking of Potential Replacements

Deco downplayed the speculation surrounding potential replacements for Xavi, including Jurgen Klopp and Thiago Motta, emphasizing that the new coach will be given the freedom to introduce changes but must align with the club’s playing philosophy.

Contingency Plans and Shortlist Rumors

The article contrasts Deco’s discourse with previous reporting that indicated Barcelona had been preparing a contingency plan for Xavi’s potential departure. Rumors of a shortlist for the new coach had been circulating for weeks, including names like Rafael Marquez.

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