“Barcelona Squad to Undergo Changes Following Xavi Hernandez’s Departure” – Matteo Moretto

Introduction to the article:
This article discusses the potential changes that may occur at Barcelona as they prepare for the upcoming season under the leadership of a new manager. It focuses on the impact of Xavi Hernandez’s departure on the squad and the likelihood of player sales due to the club’s financial constraints.

Xavi’s Departure and Squad Changes

According to Matteo Moretto, Xavi’s departure will likely lead to changes in the squad, with reports suggesting that Sergi Roberto may not be offered a new contract at the club. This decision, in part, is influenced by the club’s salary limit, which is expected to impact their summer transfer plans.

Financial Constraints and Potential Sales

While Barcelona has managed to avoid major player sales despite financial difficulties, the departure of Xavi and the club’s tight finances may lead to more significant departures this summer. The article discusses the potential impact of these constraints on the squad and potential player sales.

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