Man Utd manager Erik ten Hag has a four-hour dinner with his agent and Robin van Persie at an Italian restaurant

Introduction to the article:
Erik ten Hag, the 54-year-old coach, was spotted at Cibo in Hale Village having dinner with football agent Kees Vos and former footballer Robin van Persie. The trio spent four hours at the restaurant, enjoying traditional Italian food and engaging in conversations.

Ten Hag, Van Persie, and Kees Vos Dine Together

The trio, consisting of Erik ten Hag, Robin van Persie, and Kees Vos, were seen at Cibo in Hale Village, enjoying a lengthy meal together.

Reputable Agent and Notable Players

Kees Vos, the agent representing Erik ten Hag and other notable players and managers, joined the dinner gathering with Van Persie and Ten Hag.

The Restaurant and Its Celebrity Visitors

Cibo in Hale Village is known for its traditional Italian cuisine and is a favored spot for footballers, as well as frequently graced by celebrities.

Concerns Over Lisandro Martinz’s Injury

Ten Hag will have to navigate team challenges as player Lisandro Martinz suffered a “very bad” injury, impacting upcoming match fixtures.

Van Persie’s Coaching Role at Feyenoord

Robin van Persie’s involvement in coaching at Feyenoord, specifically with the under-18 and under-19 teams, was discussed, shedding light on his current activities in football aside from his past professional career.

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