Kyle Walker furious after altercation with Neal Maupay during Man City’s victory over Brentford

The article discusses a heated bust-up between Kyle Walker and Neal Maupay during Manchester City’s win at Brentford. Walker was visibly incensed after a late clash with Maupay, which took a sour turn in an otherwise victorious game for his team. In the aftermath, City boss Pep Guardiola refused to discuss the incident, while Brentford boss Thomas Frank also claimed to have no knowledge of what transpired on the field. The article also references some personal challenges faced by Walker, including his recent separation from his wife and his gratitude towards Guardiola for standing by him.

City’s Win Marred by On-Field Bust-up

The game between Manchester City and Brentford took a sour turn as Kyle Walker clashed with Neal Maupay, leaving the England star visibly angry. The article describes the heated spat between the two players and the lack of information regarding what led to the altercation.

Guardiola and Frank’s Responses

Pep Guardiola refused to comment on the incident, while Thomas Frank, the Brentford boss, also claimed to have no knowledge of the altercation. The article highlights the lack of information regarding the on-field bust-up and the reluctance of the managers to discuss the issue.

Walker’s Personal Challenges

In addition to the on-field altercation with Maupay, the article references recent personal challenges faced by Kyle Walker, including his separation from his wife and his gratitude towards City boss Guardiola for his support. Walker also discusses his previous attempts to move to Bayern Munich and the reasons behind his decision to stay with Manchester City.

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