Billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe Calls for Government Funding for £2 Billion Man Utd Stadium, Dubbed “Wembley of the North”

Introduction to the article:
The article discusses Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s plans to lobby the UK government to help renovate and modernize Manchester United’s stadium, Old Trafford, in order to turn it into the “Wembley of the North.”

The sorry state of Old Trafford

The article highlights the current condition of Old Trafford, which has been neglected in terms of maintenance, leading to issues such as a leaky roof, rusting metal, and even reports of raw chicken being served to guests.

Ratcliffe’s investment and plans

Sir Jim Ratcliffe, who recently acquired a 28.9 percent stake in Manchester United, has pledged an initial investment of £237 million for the renovation and modernization of Old Trafford. He aims to bring the historic stadium into the 21st century.

Lobbying the government

Ratcliffe’s ambitious plans also include lobbying the UK government to support the “Levelling Up” initiative, in order to transform Old Trafford into a world-class venue that can rival Wembley Stadium in London. He envisions building a new state-of-the-art stadium on the surrounding land, without relocating the club.

Manchester United’s future

The article also briefly touches on Manchester United’s decline since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson, and hints at the potential for a new era with the investment and plans put forward by Sir Jim Ratcliffe.

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