Pharco vs Zamalek SC on Egypt, Premier League at 2024-07-03

Pharco vs Zamalek SC match will be held today as part of the Egypt, Premier League confrontations, in a heavy-caliber confrontation that football fans around the world are anticipating. Find out with us below the date of the Pharco and Zamalek SC match and the broadcast channels, in addition to how to watch the match live broadcast online.

Pharco vs Zamalek SC match date

The Pharco club will meet its Zamalek SC counterpart at Arab Contractors Stadium (Osman Ahmed Osman Stadium) on 2024-07-03 at 18:00 Saudi time in the Egypt, Premier League tournament.

Channels broadcasting Pharco vs Zamalek SC yalla shoot

The match between Pharco vs Zamalek SC yalla shoot english will be broadcast live on , which is the exclusive broadcaster for the Egypt, Premier League tournament.

How to watch the Pharco vs Zamalek SC match live

Many people ask where I can watch the Zamalek SC vs Pharco match live, and it is available exclusively on . In addition, there are many options available that allow live broadcast over the Internet, including the following:

  • Yalla Live.
  • Yalla shoot.

Pharco vs Zamalek SC Yalla Shoot match

You can now watch Pharco vs Zamalek SC yalla shoot match, in addition to the official , through the match Center in Yalla Shoot through the following link.

English and Arabic commentary



Details of Pharco vs Zamalek SC match

In conclusion, we learned all the details about the Pharco vs. Zamalek SC Yalla Shoot match, the match date, the broadcast channels, and the options available to watch the Pharco and Zamalek SC match broadcast live. You can now enjoy an enjoyable viewing of the match and encourage your favorite team.

25Mohamed Said Shika
17Jefferson Encada
4Ahmed Awad
8Ramy Sabry
12Yassin Marei
21Azmi Ghouma
19Mahmoud Emad
11Ahmed Fouad
24Ahmed El Bahrawi
9Amr Gamal
31Ahmed Sherif
14Youssef Ibrahim Obama
18Sayed Abdallah
22Nasser Maher
11Mostafa Shalaby
15Zeyad Kamal
19Abdallah Said
4Omar Gaber
24Hamza Mathlouthi
2Hossam Abdelmaguid
17Mohamed Shehata Mahmoud
1Mohamed Awad
  • 25
    Mohamed Said Shika
  • 17
    Jefferson EncadaDefender
  • 4
    Ahmed AwadDefender
  • 8
    Ramy Sabry
  • 12
    Yassin MareiDefender
  • 21
    Azmi GhoumaDefender
  • 19
    Mahmoud EmadMidfielder
  • 11
    Ahmed FouadMidfielder
  • 24
    Ahmed El BahrawiMidfielder
  • 9
    Amr GamalAttacker
  • 31
    Ahmed SherifAttacker
  • 5
    Mahmoud El BadryDefender
  • 6
    Gaber KamelDefender
  • 10
    Shokry NaguibAttacker
  • 14
    Mohamed Fakhri
  • 16
    Mohamed NadimGoalkeeper
  • 18
    Walid FaragAttacker
  • 20
    Ahmeed GamalDefender
  • 22
    Mahmoud GehadMidfielder
  • 29
    Saif TeriAttacker
Zamalek SC
  • 1
    Mohamed Awad
  • 17
    Mohamed Shehata Mahmoud
  • 2
    Hossam Abdelmaguid
  • 24
    Hamza MathlouthiDefender
  • 4
    Omar GaberDefender
  • 19
    Abdallah Said
  • 15
    Zeyad KamalMidfielder
  • 11
    Mostafa ShalabyAttacker
  • 22
    Nasser MaherMidfielder
  • 18
    Sayed Abdallah
  • 14
    Youssef Ibrahim Obama
  • 40
    Travis MutyabaMidfielder
  • 8
    Nabil EmadMidfielder
  • 12
    Mohamed AshrafMidfielder
  • 23
    Samson AkinyoolaAttacker
  • 25
  • 26
    Mohab YasserMidfielder
  • 27
    Mohamed AtefAttacker
  • 41
    Ammar Yasser Mansour
  • 46
    Mahmoud El ShenawyGoalkeeper
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