Marcelino Garcia Toral expresses anger over VAR decision that prevented Villarreal’s stoppage-time winner – calls it ‘illogical’

The use of VAR in football has been a topic of heated debate recently, and Villarreal manager Marcelino Garcia is the latest to express his frustration with the technology. After a late goal was disallowed in their match against Sevilla, Marcelino criticized the current use of VAR, stating that it is not helping anyone. His comments add to a growing chorus of discontent from coaches and professionals in the sport. This article will delve into the controversy surrounding VAR in football and the impact it is having on the game.

Villarreal’s manager Marcelino Garcia was left furious after a late disallowed goal cost his team a victory against Sevilla. The Yellow Submarine seemed to have secured a dramatic win in stoppage time, only for the goal to be ruled out for a light foul. Marcelino expressed his frustration with the use of VAR, stating that it is not being used correctly and is leading to unnecessary mistakes. This sentiment has been echoed by several other La Liga managers in recent weeks. The decision to disallow the goal was a contentious one, adding to the growing concerns about the use of VAR in Spanish football.

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