Greek referees plan to boycott league games in response to violent attacks

Greek referees and match officials have taken a bold stand against the dangerous working conditions they face in the country’s football league. In protest, they have announced that they will not officiate any Super League matches starting from the upcoming weekend. This move comes in response to a string of violent attacks, threats, and intimidation targeting referees, creating an environment that they deem detrimental to their safety. The referees’ decision sheds light on the challenges and risks that officials face in Greek football, sparking important conversations about the need for change.

Greek referees and match officials have taken a stand against dangerous working conditions by announcing that they will not be officiating any Super League matches starting from the weekend. The decision comes after a series of violent attacks and threats against referees, including the firebombing of a referee’s shop and death threats against another official. The referees have cited a lack of punishment for such actions and a toxic football environment as the reason for their protest. They have called for a meeting with Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to address the issue. The Super League could not be immediately reached for comment on the situation.

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