Chris Hughton, former Premier League manager and Ghana coach, exits Afcon following a critical and preventable error.

Introduction to article:
The article analyzes Ghana’s poor performance in the Africa Cup of Nations, attributing their forthcoming exit from the tournament to a critical mistake made by goalkeeper Richard Ofori. The article provides a detailed account of the game, highlighting Ofori’s blunder and the subsequent criticism of Ghana’s performance.

A Moment to Forget

The article explains the pivotal moment in the game against Mozambique, where Richard Ofori’s lapse in concentration led to his failure to prevent a last-minute goal. Despite being minutes away from securing a victory, Ofori’s mistake ultimately cost Ghana the game and their chance to advance in the tournament.

Fans’ Reactions

The article also includes some reactions from fans and observers of the game, illustrating the disbelief and disappointment at Ofori’s error. The comments reflect a sense of frustration and disbelief at such a crucial mistake in a high-stakes tournament like the Africa Cup of Nations.

Pressure on Chris Hughton

The article concludes by highlighting the pressure on Ghana’s coach, Chris Hughton, due to the team’s underwhelming performance under his leadership. With just four wins from 13 games, Ghana’s expectations of advancing in the tournament have not been met, leading to concerns about the team’s future.

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