Live Update on Man Utd Takeover: Erik ten Hag pleads with United board to keep his job, Sancho update, Ratcliffe’s statement

Erik ten Hag, the manager of Manchester United, is adamant that he has the full support of his players despite recent setbacks. In the face of criticism following a defeat at Newcastle, Ten Hag pointed to recent victories and performances to bolster his claim that the squad is fully behind him. With evidence of resilience, determination, and good football, the manager insists that the team is moving in the right direction. In this article, we will delve into Ten Hag’s assertions and examine the evidence behind his confidence in his squad’s support.

Erik ten Hag is adamant that the Manchester United squad is fully behind him, despite their recent defeat to Newcastle. The manager pointed to recent victories and strong performances to support his claim, stating that the team has shown great character, determination, and resilience. He emphasized the team’s unity and is confident that they are heading in the right direction, despite their recent setback. Ten Hag acknowledged the fatigue factor in their busy schedule but stressed that the team’s performances show their support for him.

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