Late Goals Lead Netherlands to Victory over England in Nations League Drama

The inaugural UEFA Women’s Nations League (UWNL) group stage has concluded with plenty of dramatic moments across the League A fixtures. France and Spain had already secured their place in the finals playoff, providing thrilling games as England, Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark competed for the available spots. The matches held surprising twists, including Dutch drama at the last minute, England’s hopeful performance, Wales’ resilience, and the conclusion of Sweden legend Caroline Seger’s international career. This article provides a detailed overview of the excitement and unexpected turns of the UWNL group stage games.

New Women’s Nations League Hits Grand Finish

The inaugural UEFA Women’s Nations League (UWNL) group stage has come to an end with a lot of thrilling moments in League A. France and Spain secured their spot in February’s finals playoff, but the events with England and Netherlands, and also Germany and Denmark, ensured there was plenty of excitement.

Nations League playoff final: France. Spain, Netherlands, Germany
Relegation/Promotion Group A/B playoff: Belgium, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Relegated from Group A: Scotland, Portugal, Switzerland, Wales
Promoted from Group B: Republic of Ireland, Finland, Poland, Czechia

Dutch drama at the death
The Netherlands secured top spot in Group A1 with an exciting finish and a 4-0 win over Belgium. England earned a 6-0 victory over Scotland, but the Dutch drama pushed them to second place in the group.

England go from joy to despair
England sealed a 6-0 win over Scotland in a bid to qualify, but Lucy Bronze’s late goal pushed them into second place behind the Netherlands.

Wales were good; Germany were not
Germany struggled to a 0-0 draw against Wales, providing an unexpected challenge amidst their otherwise successful campaign. Wales, though not able to avoid relegation, showed promise in their performance.

Denmark let Germany off as Birkisdóttir impresses for Iceland
Denmark lost to Iceland, which worked in Germany’s favor. The 18-year-old Icelandic goalkeeper Fanney Inga Birkisdóttir earned praise for her performance.

Spain had a chaotic win over Sweden
Spain’s tough year came to an end with an entertaining and chaotic 5-3 win against Sweden.

Seger ends her Sweden career on the bench
Sweden’s most-capped player Caroline Seger concluded her international career on the bench, waiting for a chance that didn’t come.

Norway still struggling
Norway’s 2-1 defeat against Austria reflects the team’s inconsistency.

Republic of Ireland celebrate in style
The Republic of Ireland secured a dominant 6-1 win over Northern Ireland. Their unbeaten run has proven their ability in the league.

Hungary on the up
Hungary, ranked 42nd in the world, has shown significant improvement under Coach Margret Kratz. Their playing style and overall performance have garnered attention over the past two years.

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