Messi to Play Preseason Game with Inter Miami in Hong Kong

Lionel Messi and Inter Miami have announced their upcoming international tour, with plans to play a match in Hong Kong on February 4th. This marks a significant moment for the club as it prepares for the 2024 Major League Soccer campaign. The match, to be held at the impressive 40,000-capacity Hong Kong Stadium, will see Messi and Inter Miami take on a team of top players from the First Division league in Hong Kong. This exciting opportunity reflects the club’s commitment to expanding its global presence and tapping into new markets. Stay tuned for more updates on additional preseason matches and destinations in the coming weeks.

Inter Miami Reveals Plans for International Tour, led by Lionel Messi
Inter Miami, led by co-owner David Beckham and star player Lionel Messi, has announced its plans for an international tour ahead of the 2024 Major League Soccer campaign. The club will be heading to Hong Kong for a match on Feb. 4 against a team made up of top players from the First Division league.

Beckham expressed his excitement for the tour, citing Hong Kong’s beautiful city and great sports scene. The match will take place at the 40,000-capacity Hong Kong Stadium, providing fans with an exciting opportunity to see Inter Miami play on an international stage.

The team had previously planned to play in China last month, but those plans fell through. However, they are also scheduled to play in El Salvador on Jan. 19, with additional preseason matches and destinations yet to be announced.

This international tour marks an exciting new chapter for Inter Miami, and fans can look forward to seeing Messi and the team take on top competition on a global stage.

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