Saliba and Gabriel shine for Arsenal, but lingering concerns may hinder title chances, warns Sol Campbell

Arsenal’s 2004 Invincibles side is still remembered as one of the greatest in Premier League history, with their unbeaten run standing the test of time. At the heart of that historic team was a centre-back partnership between Sol Campbell and Kolo Toure. Since their departure, the club has struggled to find a duo capable of replicating their success. However, current Arsenal legend Campbell believes that the current centre-back pairing of William Saliba and Gabriel has the potential to reach the heights of the iconic Invincibles. In this article, we explore Campbell’s perspective on the importance of a strong centre-back partnership and the potential of Arsenal’s current defensive duo.

Arsenal’s Invincibles Partnership Revived

The heart of Arsenal’s 2004 Invincibles side was a centre-back partnership that has proven difficult for the club to replace. However, it seems that they may have finally found a duo capable of emulating the greats of the past.

Former Arsenal defender Sol Campbell, a key member of the Invincibles, believes that current manager Mikel Arteta has found the real deal in William Saliba and Gabriel. According to Campbell, this partnership holds the potential to match the iconic status of Campbell and Kolo Toure.

Campbell emphasized the importance of the bond between central defenders, something that he experienced with Toure during their time at Arsenal. He believes that the telepathic connection between the two is crucial for sustaining title charges.

The partnership of Saliba and Gabriel has shown promise, with the two forming a solid relationship on and off the pitch. Their performances have been impressive, with Arsenal having the joint-best defense in the Premier League.

While Campbell sees potential in the duo, he does have concerns about the goalkeeping situation at Arsenal, suggesting that uncertainty in that position could have a negative impact on the confidence of the defensive line.

Overall, Campbell remains optimistic about the potential of the Saliba-Gabriel partnership and the defensive strength of Arsenal, indicating that they could contend for the title in the near future.

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